Why do we Exist?

To help people overcome the everyday barriers that cancer creates through

increased access to the research and assistance they need. 

Who do we Help?

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How do we Help?

Through our local strategic partnerships, we work to provide simple & direct solutions to needed resources

for individuals & families with cancer. We collaborate with organizations that are equipped to identify the obstacles that prevent individuals from receiving treatment. We exist to fund cancer programs, promote cancer prevention, drive awareness, provide research and pilot funding; all with the goal to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities throughout the Deep South.

Cancer Research

Deep South Cancer Foundation's signature event, Magic City Cycliad, gives 100 % of rider raised money to

The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center to fund local cancer research. 

Patient Assistance

Deep South Cancer Foundation partners with local hospitals to provide gift cards distributed to patients by nurses, doctors, social workers, and patient navigators to meet basic life needs. 


Deep South Cancer Foundation collaborates with other local non-profits to fund programs such as The Journey of Courage and Hope that meet needs within the community . 


The Deep South Cancer Foundation is the only regional non-profit that partners at the local

level with hospitals and other non-profits who work to overcome the daily barriers that

cancer creates, improving the quality of life for individuals and families as they navigate 

all types of cancer today and tomorrow.

Past Local Hospital & Non-profit Partners:

How is all this possible?

Deep South Cancer Foundation is grateful for our corporate partners that make helping

possible. We partner with great brands who share our values and want to make helping easy.  Together, we tell our shared stories through unique ways at our events.  We do this in person,

in print, in video, and via social media.  We do this by putting an emphasis on visual content

and giving people an environment to share their own story.  Cancer is personal and we are

deeply interested in hearing why people help.

Past Corporate Partners: