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For all your questions, read on!


Cycliad is the signature event of the Deep South Cancer Foundation (DSCF). We exist to fund cancer programs, promote prevention, drive awareness, and provide research and pilot funding, with the goal of improving the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities.


Because cancer is not selective.

It affects every family and community. Because daily necessities like food and gas should not become barriers to treatment and healing. Because hopelessness amidst a trying diagnosis should not exist. 

Because you can make a difference.


It’s easy to register, fundraise, or volunteer! Just click the buttons above and come be a part of this festive one-day cycling experience that is more than just a bike ride. 100% of every rider-raised dollar goes directly to The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Why does this ride cost $0...because in keeping with our belief that change is possible and helping is easy, we have eliminated registration costs.  In the same way that we want to remove barriers for individuals and families with cancer, we want to remove any barriers to making helping easy!  Together, we can spark change but we NEED YOU to do that.  We encourage you to do more than just pedal by engaging those around you to come out, ride, FUNdraise, donate, volunteer, and make a difference.  

Let's really move the needle...together!




Not to be patronizing, but to get started, click "REGISTER"!



Tell us who you are! Your 

information is important to

ensure you have a great time.


Choose to participate as

an individual, join a team,

or create a team! 


Kick-start your fundraising efforts by making a donation!


Pick a Ticket for the

Brunch Crawl, 30 Miles,

64 Miles, or 100 Miles 



After completing your

registration, check your email to

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Brunch Crawl, 30 Miles, 64 Miles, 100 Miles

How far will you go? See the options and access the routes:

Hover over routes below for links to          or

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30 Mile

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64 Mile

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100 Mile


What should I expect along the route?

An Amazing Experience!! Truly, we want you to have the best experience possible! And for your registration fee of $0.00 you will receive a fully supported ride that includes a well marked route, rest stops stocked with your favorite treats, eats, and surprises, SAG and police support along courses (thank you!), an event videographer and photographers capturing your day. In addition, plenty of food, beer, and fun awaits your return to Cycliad Village!

How do you mark the route?

We use a company called RouteArrows who makes highly visible, Eco-Friendly, temporary arrows so that all the riders in Cycliad have the best, safest, and most enjoyable experience. Additionally, we use signs to make cyclists aware they are on the right course, when to have caution or KOM/QOM a certain section, and hopefully inspire them to remember who they ride for!

Tell me more about the rest stops!

We all have different nutrition and hydration needs while on the course. From pickles and olives, to cookies and gels, to fruit and candy, to meat and vegan options…there is a whole lot to choose from and some surprises along the way (hint: we like smoothies)! So if you need a coke, a water, or want to mix your own nutrition, our goal at every rest stop is for you to walk away saying…wow, there was always something different that I wanted to eat and drink! And while you are there, be sure to thank our amazing volunteers who are greeting you and making sure you have all the supplies to have a great day! We also have mechanical supplies and are able to provide some medical attention if it is needed.

What do I do if I need help along the route?

SAG support is critical to a great event. SAG stands for Support and Gear so that is just part of what we provide. At each rest stop, there will be sun tan lotion, towels, and mechanical supplies (just in case). We also have rovers roaming the course to ensure if you need to get picked up, we are there to help. Additionally, we work with the local police and sheriffs to help us monitor the routes, slow drivers down, and do everything possible to make sure if there is any mechanical breakdown, we will be there to help or ensure that appropriate medical attention arrives quickly.

Do you have anything I can download or share about the routes?

Why yes we do! Our Route Booklet contains overviews of each route, elevation profiles, and more! We also have links to each route which you can view, access via Strava or Ride with GPS. And if you want to join the fun of Strava, go ahead and follow our Cycliad group!

How do I know which route color to follow?

You will be given a colored rubber wrist band that matches the color of the route you are on. This makes it easy on you to remember because let’s face it, we all have been there in trying to remember the course we are trying to follow!

What time does my ride begin?

Please check back for an updated 2020 Schedule of Events

Can I participate in a Long Distance ride & the Brunch Crawl?

Absolutely! You need to be able to finish in 2hrs but as long as you can do that, we would love for you to be a part of doing the brunch crawl too. To help us ensure there is enough food for you on the brunch crawl, please choose the 30 + Brunch option when you register.

Do I have to follow the rules of the road?

Yes! This event is a rules of the road ride and as such, we ask our cyclists to comply with all traffic laws as well as obey road closures and any instructions from police. We need your help in ensuring a safe event so please visit the Safety and Training page under Magic City Cycliad to learn about our growing Cycliad Safety efforts and how you can be smart on the road!

NOTE: Routes subject to revision due to safety or performance concerns


Schedule, Parking, Cycliad Village Maps and Event Handbook!


2019 Schedule

Please see a volunteer upon arrival for Check-in or Registration.

6:00 AM

Check-in, Packet Pick Up,

& Pre-Ride Snacks


Line-Up: Please self-select

 your average speed for the wave start*

7:30 AM

Wave Start Begins

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Party at Cycliad Village as 

Cyclists Return

Food & beverage provided

in hospitality tent

30, 64, 100 Miles
7:30 AM
Brunch Crawl

8:30 AM

Check-in & Packet Pick Up



10:00 AM

Brunch Crawl Begins

12:00 PM

Brunch Crawl Returns

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Party at Cycliad Village as 

Cyclists Return

Food & beverage provided

in hospitality tent

10:00 AM

We start our riders from fastest groups to slowest. Since our routes all follow the same basic course, putting you in the appropriate group allows you to ride in at the average speed you are most comfortable with along the entire course. This controlled start allows a natural separation while limiting the amount of passing riders have to do.   


As a cyclist, you are the best judge of your expected average speed over the course of your ride. Our goal is to naturally spread you out over the course.  The easiest system to do this is to allow you to choose which average speed you expect of yourself.  

If you need help with this, at the back of our Ride Booklet, there is a time projection based on speed and points on the course.  Hopefully this gives you a sense of what group best fits you. 

*What is a Wave Start?


FREE! That's right, event parking is free!



Entrance on 6th Ave. S.

between 21st & 22nd St. S.

We made our event free so that it's easier for you to help so why would we make you pay for parking? UAB has graciously allowed us the use of the Kirklin Clinic parking deck for the event.


Please note: Due to safety concerns CYCLISTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE DOWN THE DECK. We know it is very tempting (and much faster) but there will be a lot of cars in a very small space with a lot of blind curves so please do not ride down the deck. 

Cycliad Village

It's a party at Cycliad Village! Join us for a day of fun as we come together to make a difference in the lives of local cancer patients. 

Make sure to stop by and say hi to all of our favorite sponsors!  



We can't wait to see you at Magic City Cycliad 2019!

Hilton Hotel - Birmingham is the preferred hotel of Magic City Cycliad. Within walking distance to the Cycliad Village and with a special, private packet pick up for hotel guests, staying at the Hilton will make your participation in Magic City Cycliad a breeze.

Special Rates available for all participants by booking with our group rate.

Group Rate has now expired