No Shave November

Our unveiled and bearded cover to make a difference...

See what we did there? Because yep, we're a bunch of Bro's growing our Mo's because we all know

someone... a father, partner, brother or friend facing a health issue that men don't always like to talk

about. And while our 'staches might cover our lips, that doesn't mean we are going to stay silent.  


So, we're putting down our razors for a month (or forever...we'll see) and taking action to address some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. It's not

worth it to keep it covered and hush hush when need to shout about it and can help.  


So let's get hairy.  We mean like Hugh Jackman when he was feeling wolfy. Like David Letterman

settling into retirement.  Like Tom Hanks who forgot to shave before going out on a run. Like Hagrid...

well, maybe not that hairy but if you can rock it, we're with you. 


Donate to the team you think can grow the most impressive beards or moustaches and join us in

raising awareness for men's health by attending UAB's No Shave November Shave Off.  


Barbers...enter at your own risk as hair will be flying.  Razors will be dying!



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Birmingham, AL 35243

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