A Young Mother of Three...

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

A young mother with 3 children was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. After successfully completing treatment, she experienced a recurrence this year. With little support and unable to work due to her health, life with cancer has been an incredible struggle. Between unreliable transportation to appointments and meeting basic needs, her utilities were cut off. That put her at risk of losing her home and having Family Services remove her youngest child from the home.

We were able to come alongside her care team through our partnership with Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center (another amazing organization helping cancer patients). When Forge contacted us to ask for help serving this UAB patient, we were able to connect her with local Patient Navigators who also provided assistance.

We were able to pay her utility bill, giving her time to receive back pay from her job and not lose her child. Her gratitude was expressed to us, but is a result of your generosity!

"I am extremely grateful. I really appreciate everything

you have done. You are my angel."

Impact never stops. The Alabama Power agent who facilitated paying the bill stated: "I am a 2x cancer survivor. I am so thankful for organizations like yours that are willing to help someone out like this and go the extra mile."



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