Safety is Easy!

Sharing the Road is critical as you remember these things about Cycliad:

Cycliad is not a race.

Obey all traffic signs and signals

(here is guide to some)

Communicate with your fellow cyclists

(“On Your Left,” “Car Back,” etc.)

Watch for traffic coming from the rear 

Cross Railroad tracks at right angles 

Ride in consideration of your fellow riders and be in control at all times 

Cycliad uses open roads where motor vehicles of all kinds are present.

Pass on the left side only

Be courteous, giving warnings, communicating, & announcing hazards

Give space for cars by leaving gaps so motorists can safely pass a group

Do not cross the yellow centerline

Give yourself time and space to stop

Be predictable

(to cars and fellow cyclists)

Helmets must be worn while riding

Let others know if you are slowing or stopping

Make left turns from the center of

the road or left turn lane

Pay attention to information posted

on Cycliad road signs

Do not wear headphones or cell phone while riding…pull over to take a call

For more resources on bicycle safety we recommend:

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • AlaBike: